Maxi 45 Tours Electro/House

Artistes/Groupes                    Titre de l'album                           Label                 Date/Pays 

A.N.S. feat. O. Lee Superficial people C Records 1993 SWI
Acetate i've got love Forfor 2004 HOL
Angello & Ingrosso Buy now for sale Superstar 2005 ALL
Benassi Benny Megamix Submental 2003 ALL
Brotherhood  Dancing Queen Lost Vegas 1999 ALL
Can Ozgür 84 shots Pickadoll 2006 ALL
Cirez D. Horizons Mouseville 2007 SWE
Cosmic Gate Back to earth EMI 2002 UK
Cowles vs. Denham Black project Black nation 1999 USA
Dada Life The great fashionista swindle Pickadoll 2006 ALL
DJ Arne L II Rest in peace Deep Mission 2000 ALL
DJ Zenith vs. Avex I'm your deejay Glam X 2001 SWI
D-Tune Into the light 2 Play 1998 HOL
Eyerer & Chopstick Electric GSR 2006 ALL
Filtrate Beater Rising high 2000 UK
Freeform Five No more conversations Motivo 2005 ITA
Future Forward Time for livin Kompute 2006 USA
Global Deejay Network EP Lonely Superstar 2005 ALL
Gonzales Jordi Eisbär Superstar 2007 ALL
Heiko & Maiko Techno Rock Elektro pop 2006 ALL
Huggotron Superkiller Confused 2006 ALL
Huntermann Oliver Scary love Misc Mix 2004 ALL
Juvenile (The) Hardcore suckas Future sound 2005 ITA
Kaliber Kaliber 5 Kaliber 2006 SWE
Kaya My god is real Subliminal 1999 USA
Kortezman feat Rozalla Everybody's free Unlimited  2007 ALL
Léger Sébastien The Bug Pickadoll 2006 ALL
London Sound Collective (The) Hold on Crosstrax 1996 UK
MC Laurens Sanschein Mind Harpon 2000 SWI
Percy X Gain EP Soma 2001 UK
Phools Inc. Light it up Phoolish 2000 ALL
Plastik Funk feat. Da Bear Pump it up Egoiste 2006 SWI
Project Aurora Sinner Tsunami 1999 HOL
Starsplash Here we go again Kontor 2002 ALL
Tecra Excavations Limbo 2000 UK
Tuneboy Housesensation Dance pollution 2002 ITA
Warmduscher Hardcore will never die Tracid Trax 2002 ALL
Warp Brothers Blade Unlimited  2005 ALL